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Although tongue tie occurs in about 5% of all newborn children, not every newborn exhibits difficulties. In fact, there may be no discernable problems until the toddler or adolescent years. Then parents or physicians may notice some issues with crooked teeth or speech patterns that can be traced back to a tongue tie or lip tie. While it may not have been serious enough to cause problems in infancy, now new problems develop that warrant a tongue tie or lip tie release.

Tongue tie is a condition caused by a short, tight band of tissue, called the lingual frenulum, which tethers the bottom of the tongue to the mouth floor. Free movement of the tongue is restricted, which can cause dental development issues, speech issues and even problems sleeping restfully. Boys are three times as likely to have this condition than girls. Sometimes, a tongue tie is accompanied by a lip tie, but this is rare.

Tongue & Lip Ties Treatment for Children in Midtown Manhattan

Dr. Gregory Levitin is a board certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon who has performed over 2,500 tongue tie and lip tie procedures on infants and children using a quick and pain-free procedure in-office. No trip to the hospital or surgery center is required, there is no heavy sedation and rarely is a follow-up visit needed.

Patients recline while Dr. Levitin first administers a small amount of anesthesia. Then he performs the release procedure – no sutures or lasers are necessary. The procedure takes around 10 minutes, and patients can return home and begin eating immediately. Parents may accompany their children in the office during the procedure. Dr. Levitin is accustomed to parents and children being apprehensive about the procedure, and is skilled at explaining each step and putting his patients at ease.

Benefits of Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment for Children

Tongue tie/lip tie release treatment poses several benefits for children. When this tether of tissue poses problems and is discovered, it is usually by the child’s dentist or when speech patterns are affected. Release treatment allows for proper dental development, including the successful use of dental appliances like braces. Noticeable problems with speech can be a source of embarrassment and even ridicule among children. Alleviating the cause allows for normal speech development that will benefit the child throughout life.

Dr. Gregory Levitin at NYC Tongue Tie is an experienced and renowned specialist who has years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery on children, treating some of the most severe aesthetic and functional conditions. His quick and painless tongue tie release procedure is by far the best option for tongue tie\lip tie treatment in New York.

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