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It is not unheard of for tongue tie or lip tie to go undiagnosed or treated until adulthood. Problems did not surface during infancy or childhood, or if they did, were left untreated. Adults with tongue tie or lip tie may have learned to adapt or simply overlook any issues. Or, in some cases, they live with the restrictions that tongue tie or lip tie can impart to speech, eating, dental development and even restful sleep.

Tongue tie generally runs in families and occurs three times more often in boys than girls. It is caused when the lingual frenulum, a short, tough band of tissue underneath the tongue, grows in such a way that it binds the tongue to the mouth floor and restricts its free movement. This can cause difficulty with eating, sucking liquids through a straw, some sounds we make in speech with certain movements of the tongue and crooked teeth.

Research has also shown that tongue tie or lip tie can also cause poorer sleep, a higher risk of developing sleep apnea and resulting health complications.

Tongue & Lip Ties Treatment for Adults in Midtown Manhattan

Adults who know they suffer from tongue tie or lip tie may have avoided treatment for any number of reasons. Cost, avoiding surgery and resulting downtime or even embarrassment about their condition can all make adults shy away from even investigating tongue tie treatment. NYC Tongue Tie has the perfect solution for adults who wish to finally be free from the difficulties posed by tongue tie or lip tie.

Dr. Gregory Levitin is a board certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon who has well over 2,500 tongue tie procedures to his credit. His vast experience has contributed to him pioneering a quick, pain-free release procedure that requires no trip to the hospital or surgery center, no heavy anesthesia, no sutures or lasers and no downtime.

After administering a small amount of anesthesia, Dr. Levitin performs the release procedure in about 10 minutes right in his office. After a few moments, patients are free to return home and can begin eating and drinking immediately. There is rarely a need for a follow-up visit.

Your initial consultation may be covered by insurance, but the procedure itself is self-pay. However, one fee covers everything, and you avoid the extra costs from a hospital, surgery center, anesthesiologist or prescription medications.

Contact NYC Tongue Tie in Midtown Manhattan, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Levitin about adult tongue tie or lip tie treatment today.

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