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We welcome new adult and pediatric patients at NYC Tongue Tie. We realize that new parents will have many concerns about allowing a medical procedure on their newborn child. Many adults who have suffered with a tongue tie or lip tie for decades may be shy about addressing their condition and any problems it causes.

We want to alleviate your concerns about tongue tie and lip tie release procedures with plenty of factual information. Fear and uncertainty are normal; the antidote for these is the truth about your condition and how we can alleviate it with a painless and fast in-office procedure. Dr. Gregory Levitin is a nationally acclaimed and experienced, board certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon who has performed over 2,500 tongue tie and lip tie procedures on infants and children exclusively in the office setting.

Specialized Treatment for Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in New York

At NYC Tongue Tie, we know adult patients and parents will have many questions about our practice and the release procedures we provide. Mainly, these questions center around two concerns: cost and the procedure itself. Visit the pages below for more information about each:

Other questions or concerns can be addressed during a confidential consultation at our Midtown Manhattan office with Dr. Levitin. He is accustomed to concerned parents and embarrassed adults who may know little about tongue tie or lip tie conditions and how they are alleviated. You can rest assured that he will be patient and understanding while providing you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself or your child.

Fast, Pain-Free Tongue Tie Release Without Surgery

Modern medical advances have surpassed the traditional methods of clipping, surgery with sutures or even lasers to remedy tongue tie and lip tie conditions. Dr. Levitin’s advanced method is conducted strictly in-office with minimal anesthesia, no surgery or sutures, no lasers and only takes about 10 minutes, is much more attractive to new parents and older adults who want better options.

Contact the team at NYC Tongue Tie today to learn more and schedule an exam and consultation with Dr. Levitin about adult or pediatric tongue tie and lip tie release.

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