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Adults may have avoided treatment for a tongue tie or lip tie their entire lives. Varying reasons can exist, from lack of a diagnosis to a desire to avoid surgery and more. Many adults have simply adapted to their tongue tie or lip tie condition, eating, speaking and even sleeping with difficulty and never voicing a concern.

This is completely unnecessary with the revolutionary tongue tie and lip tie release method, pioneered by Dr. Gregory Levitin at NYC Tongue Tie. Dr. Levitin offers a quick, pain-free, in-office release procedure that takes less than 10 minutes and requires no downtime. Are you tired of adapting and even hiding problems with eating, sucking through a straw or speaking? This new release method is just for you.

Did I Have Tongue Tie as a Child?

About 5% of all newborns have a tongue tie or lip tie, a few may have both, but not every child has problems. The most frequent way tongue tie/lip tie is diagnosed is when a newborn has difficulties with breastfeeding. The parent sees their doctor or a pediatrician, and tongue tie or lip tie is diagnosed. The lingual frenulum, a short, tight band of tissue under the tongue, is the culprit. It binds the tongue and restricts its movement and use.

If there were no problems shortly after birth, the condition was likely not realized. Some children will manifest problems with dental development or speech, and a dentist or doctor will diagnose tongue tie during the toddler or adolescent years. But some children have no problems and never require a diagnosis or treatment.

Did you have tongue tie as a child? Possibly, and even if it was diagnosed, you may have avoided treatment for any number of reasons.

Quick, Pain-Free Tongue Tie Surgery with No Downtime

Adults that experience trouble eating, drinking, speaking or getting sufficient rest during sleep can realize significant benefits with adult tongue tie/lip tie release. The procedure is quick, pain-free, requires absolutely no downtime and is accomplished in less than 10 minutes in Dr. Levitin’s office in Midtown Manhattan.

Contact NYC Tongue Tie by phone or online today, and ask about adult tongue tie or lip tie release in New York City.

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