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About 5% of all newborns have tongue tie or lip tie (a small number have both). Trouble with breastfeeding is often the reason a child receives a tongue tie or lip tie of diagnosis. The lingual frenulum is a short, tough band of tissue underneath the tongue that can develop irregularly, binding the tongue to the mouth floor and prohibiting free movement. This can result in a newborn experiencing trouble latching on during breastfeeding.

Your doctor can easily perform a quick exam and determine if your newborn has tongue tie or lip tie. If you receive this diagnosis in New York City, don’t fret. A unique and special tongue tie or lip tie release treatment is available from NYC Tongue Tie in Midtown Manhattan. This in-office procedure is quick, pain-free and can prevent many problems with speech or dental development in the future.

Fast and Painless Tongue Tie Release in NYC

Many new parents may be worried about having a surgical procedure on their newborn child. Traditional tongue tie release required sutures or laser surgery and a visit to a hospital or surgery center. Dr. Gregory Levitin at NYC Tongue Tie has pioneered a new, pain-free release method that he performs in his office.

In less than 10 minutes and with only a minimal local anesthetic, Dr. Levitin performs the release procedure on your newborn while they rest comfortably in your lap. You can then return home and begin feeding them immediately. A follow-up visit is rarely required. This one-time procedure is the fastest and most convenient method of tongue tie or lip tie release available.

Non-surgical Tongue Tie Release for Newborns

Tongue Tie surgery can sound frightening, but you no longer have to face scalpels or lasers to correct a tongue tie or lip tie condition. The initial consultation may be covered by insurance, but the procedure itself is self-pay. Visit our finances page for more information about payment and possible assistance. Contact us by phone or online at NYC Tongue Tie to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Levitin.

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