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You may have gone through your entire life without realizing you have a tongue tie. It is not unusual for adults to experience issues that do not necessarily point to the condition. Fatigue, jaw pain, teeth grinding and mouth breathing are just some of the associated symptoms.

A tongue tie does not always result in obvious health problems. This is largely due to public misconceptions about the condition and related symptoms. There is also a theory that the reduction in breastfeeding has allowed many cases of tongue tie to go undiagnosed. As such, some adults may not realize there is an underlying issue.

Checking for Tongue Tie

When you swipe your finger under the tongue, feeling a catch or skin flap is cause for concern. Inability to independently move the tip of the tongue, or reach beyond the top of the upper teeth, is also associated with the condition.

If you swipe your tongue along your top teeth, you should be able to reach the cheeks on either side. Another issue that is similar to a tongue tie, known as a lip tie, can also prevent independent movement of the lips when the mouth is closed. If your jaw moves while performing this check, it is time to take your concerns to a specialist in NYC.

Medical Tongue Tie Diagnosis

When it comes to the functions of the mouth, symptoms of several medical conditions may present in similar ways. For instance, sleep apnea has been linked to TMJ (jaw problems), tongue tie and a host of other health problems. It is therefore important to seek diagnosis and treatment from a relevant and experienced specialist.

At NYC Tongue Tie, we can confirm that your symptoms are consistent with an adult tongue tie. We offer rapid diagnosis and effective treatment. For many of our patients, associated health problems are alleviated or eliminated after recovery.

Treatment is New York City minimally invasive and you will recover quickly. If you are concerned that adult tongue tie is negatively impacting your quality of life, reach out to our offices today for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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