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While a rare condition, tongue and lip ties can cause a multitude of problems with growth and development for babies. Diagnosing and addressing the issue early helps to prevent numerous complications that can happen as the child gets older. Here are the top three benefits tongue tie treatment can deliver for babies.

Easier Breastfeeding and Eating

A baby with a tongue tie may have difficulty with latching and sucking movements during breastfeeding. This can lead to health issues like colic or jaundice and lack of nutrition may cause weight loss. Nipple damage and blocked ducts can occur for nursing mothers. Your child may become picky with eating certain foods because the jaw can become misaligned or locked when chewing. Tongue tie treatment gives your baby a good start with easier breastfeeding and nutrition to maintain growth and development in each stage of childhood.

Proper Speech Development

Tongue ties can tighten gum tissues and affect teeth positioning. Your child may later develop gaps between the front teeth and receding of gum tissue. Restricted tongue movement along with these issues may lead to abnormal speech patterns. Tongue tie treatment may help your child with proper speech development in forming sounds with the teeth and lips. This can help your child avoid awkward social situations later from lisps and being unable to pronounce words clearly in order to be understood.

Healthy Sleep Patterns

Tongue tie treatment can also help promote healthy sleep patterns. Breathing can become more difficult as restricted movement prevents the tongue from making contact with the upper area of the mouth when swallowing. As a result, babies may breathe through the mouth while sleeping. The child can develop lifelong obstructive sleep apnea and snoring unless treatment is received.

Manhattan Tongue Treatment Solutions for Babies

If left untreated, tongue ties can lead to lifelong health complications. NYC Tongue Tie specializes in non-surgical tongue tie treatment for babies to adults. The procedure can be done in minutes with local anesthesia to help eliminate stress and pain. Call to schedule a consultation and exam with Dr. Levitin today to see if your baby is a good candidate for treatment.

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