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If you have spent the past year concerned about a child’s tongue tie, now is the time to take action. Also known as ankyloglossia, this condition can impact development. Early intervention will help your child avoid these issues with a minimally invasive procedure in the Tristate area.

It is first important to consider how your child will experience life with tongue tie limitations. There are several areas of development where symptoms can become a problem. Understanding the condition will help you might the right choices for your little one’s care.


Ankyloglossia is caused by the lingual frenulum tying the tongue too tightly to the floor of the mouth. The result is restricted movement that can inhibit many of the normal oral functions. Children are affected differently depending on the severity of a tongue tie, and there are also psychological considerations.

Breast Feeding

Babies suffering from tongue tie may not take well to breastfeeding. This can have an impact on the amount of nutrition your little one is receiving during feeding. If you have any concerns in this respect, consult with our NYC Tongue Tie offices today.

Dental Development

Older children, who have moved on to solid foods, rely on the tongue to sweep away debris and bacteria. The restrictions caused by a tongue tie can make this natural process more difficult. Decay and poor development of adult teeth can result from poor oral hygiene.

Speech Development

A tongue tie can impact speech development. Restricted movement of the tongue makes it harder to form certain sounds. Your child may also feel self-conscious about communicating verbally due to impacted speech patterns.


A child who finds verbal communication difficult may also experience poor self-confidence. A simple tongue tie repair can correct this issue in New York. Dr. Levitin provides access to a non-surgical solution for children and adults suffering from Ankyloglossia.

NYC Tongue Tie Repair

Contact NYC Tongue Tie if you wish to aid your child’s early development. Under the care of Dr. Levitin, a simple procedure is carried out to provide relief from Ankyloglossia related symptoms.

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